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10 reasons to choose Pristine Builders

With a plethora of building firms to choose from it may seem like an impossible task to decide which is most suitable for your needs. Pristine, a local and reputable building firm is different to other firms in offering an integrated, quality and managed building service. There are many reasons to choose Pristine, but here are ten of the most frequently mentioned:-

1. Project management

When you choose Pristine for any job you will find that their project management skills will mean that you are informed of every step of the building, or refurbishment, process. Pristine work with architects and planners, and will advise on legal obligations in terms of planning permission. Before commencing work, Pristine will also let you know how long each stage of the process will take.

2. Skilled, in-house, craftsmen

Pristine are known for their skilled, artisanal craftsmen. The builders, plumbers and electricians they employ are certified to the highest possible standards, as you would expect from any reputable building firm. However, we are proud to classify our employees as craftsmen. Whether the project involves new, or traditional, materials, Pristine will make sure that the job is conducted quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can be assured that the work will be of high proficiency and finished to the best possible standards.

3. Integrated services

You can search through a whole phone book, or spend many hours searching on the internet, to find the range of building and associated services that you need to complete your project. However, there is no guarantee that the range of contractors you employ are reliable, certified, and can work together. With Pristine, all of their services are provided in house and fully integrated.

4. A local firm you can trust

Pristine are a local firm who are well known for their work in the region. Pristine are so confident that you will be impressed with their services that they even invite you to see examples of work that they have conducted at other properties in your area. Being local, you know that you can easily make contact with Pristine, and they will be happy to meet you in person to discuss your requirements.

5. Creative solutions

If you are short of space in your home, or if you have a particularly difficult building problem to resolve, then why not ask Pristine to come and advise you? Pristine can make additional space in your home whether it is through a loft extension, basement refurbishment or redeveloping a garage area.

6. Adding value to your home

With a focus on the housing market, everyone is concerned about retaining and increasing the value of their homes. By making your kitchen, or bathroom, more attractive and spacious, Pristine can add value to your property. Pristine work with the finest materials, and are experts in both traditional and modern design.

7. No-obligation quotation

With a no-obligation, fully inclusive, quotation from Pristine you can compare their quoted price to other competitors in the market. You will find Pristine to be competitive in terms of quality, price, and levels of service.

8. Durable products and services

When Pristine complete a job they provide a high standard of quality and reliability. Pristine source the finest quality building and construction materials for their projects. As they are a local firm, they are able to make use of the best local suppliers. In addition, the quality of their building work is designed to give the householder a well finished, robust, refurbishment.

9. No job is too small…

Pristine are happy to take on small jobs. Whether it is building a small wall, a single room refurbishment, or a minor garden landscaping, you can rely on Pristine to complete your job quickly, and at a reasonable price.

10. …or too large

At the other end of the scale, if you are thinking of a new building project, or a major extension to your home, Pristine are also happy to take on large developments. Please contact Pristine for more information about this service. Pristine will be happy to provide examples of large scale projects that they have conducted.

Awesome Service

I got my whole house renovated by Pristine Builders. After restoration, I didn’t feel like it was my old home. I loved the interiors and most importantly their modern construction.

– Adam

Good Work Guys

My patio required some immediate repair and these people at Pristine Build helped me troubleshoot my woes. If you too are facing similar crisis, do contact them today.