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Post-war homes: 1950s, 60s, 70s

Homes built in the post-war period, in the 1950s, 60s and 70s are of many diverse types. Making use of, what were then, modern building materials, these homes can make a sound investment and provide a good basis for future improvements, renovations and extensions. Post-war homes come in all shapes and sizes, from cute 1950s terraced houses to brutal 1970s blocks. Their sheer variety means that they have a wide demographic appeal and there may be a multitude of changes that you want to make to your home of this period. Pristine are the first choice that any savvy owner of a home of this period should consult.

Homes of this period make use of modern technology for the time. Many walls and features were pre-fabricated offsite and installed using mass production techniques. These techniques mean that walls and features can be subject to cracking and deterioration. Often owners choose to replace whole walls or features with contemporary building techniques. However, whatever your choice a specialist firm can advise and replace these features with skill. Pristine are widely known for their repair and restoration work with post-war homes. Sadly, it is not unknown to find asbestos when making changes or repairs to these homes. If this is the case then you really need to employ an absolutely specialist firm of builders. Pristine are the most careful of firms and they will place health and safety at the forefront when making repairs.

These homes can be ‘boxy’ and rooms can be small which means that there may not be the space for growing families. This means that post-war homes frequently need to be extended. There are many options for extending a post-war home but this should be done with the utmost care and attention. Post-war homes frequently are also short on corridor and loft space so the only option is to extend outwards. Garden space can be compromised but, especially in 1970s homes, gardens can be very large, and this will give you the space for many types of conservatories and wall extensions. Naturally, Pristine are the firm to go to for all of your extension work.

Good Job

My home looks completely different now, my garden was a mess before, but the Pristine builders transformed it into a beauty.

– Alice