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Here at Pristine Builders we offer a wide range of specialist building services. Our dedicated and highly trained team of professional builders are reliable and get the job done on time. We offer no obligation quotes and guarantee that all jobs are as cost effective as possible. We offer free quotes on all of our jobs. Our services include the following:

  • Loft conversion service that includes planning and installation.
  • A specialist garage conversion service.
  • Installation of bi fold doors.
  • We build and install glass extensions.
  • New build services that include refurbishment and house extensions.
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Your local trusted builder Middle Barton

  • We are known for our creative and practical approach to home extensions.
  • Even if you consider that your home can not be extended, please contact us for our expert advice.
  • Loft extensions are one of our most popular services.
  • We can extend your home vertically by converting your loft into extra living space.
  • Extending downwards, basements are becoming an increasingly popular area to extent into.
  • We can help you to extend in this direction, making the basement an attractive area to live and work.
  • Outside the house, using your existing garage, out-buildings or garden space we can extend your property outwards.

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Services offer by us:

  • Extension drawings
  • Glass extensions
  • Local builders
  • House extensions
  • Garage conversions

You may consider that you have outgrown your home, or simply that you require extra space. In either case, there are may ways in which you can covert your house. Starting at the very top, loft conversions are a great way to make use of space. They can not only increase the price of your property, but they are usually a very large space that can be converted with the appropriate permissions. At the bottom of the house, a below ground basement can be used as a recreation, storage room, or office. It is also possible to think laterally and covert garage space into valuable floor space for living, working and eating. The possibilities are endless, and with Pristine you can make the alterations necessary for a bigger home.

With house prices continuing to rise, it is difficult to find the right property at the right price. Because of this factor, the number of new builds is on the rise. It can be very daunting to think about planning a new building project from start to completion, but Pristine are the experts in this exciting area of development. The main thing to think about when looking at a new build is planning permission. This can be a minefield for the inexperienced, and it requires careful consideration of planning and legal processes. Pristine have worked on a number of new builds, and can show you examples of where they have dealt with previous planning projects.

When embarking upon a new loft extension there are implications for other aspects of home design. Except in the most basic of extensions, there will be implications for access, heating, power and water. In terms of access, you will want the extension to have stairs, or even a spiral staircase, in order that you can get to the loft easily. Access can not be underestimated, and you need to consider individuals such as children or older people who may not cope with a narrow staircase. You will also need to consider utilities. Plan ahead to make sure that the loft has the power outlets that you require. You will also need to make sure that the loft extension is warm and comfortable. Finally, if you require running water in the loft you will need to engage with a plumbing company. Fortunately, Pristine provide all of these services in-house to make sure that your loft project is completed with the minimum fuss.

Restoring, or renovating, a property is a matter of both craft and technical expertise. Craftsmanship is required to make sure that there is a match between the new work, and the existing design. Pristine will make sure that any renovation, or restoration, work matches the character of your property. Their craftsmen have an extensive knowledge of traditional craft techniques and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of their work. However, craft on its own is not sufficient. Technical competence is also needed to be sure that the renovation and restoration work is to the required specifications. Pristine have techniques which can blend traditional crafts with the most up to date technology.

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