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Local Home Extension Service Milton

Home extensions often involve lofts, garages and basements, and Pristine are skilled in providing a complete service for those types of extension. However, a contemporary, and increasingly popular choice, is to think about additional extension to the walls of a house, or to link outbuildings to a house. It does not cost as much as you might think to move walls and to increase the size of your house through adding a conservatory, or extending a kitchen or bathroom. Increasingly, people are also thinking about making use of outbuildings, particularly in rural areas, and using these to increase the floorspace of their homes. Pristine may surprise you with their creative solutions for increasing the size of your house.

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Looking for a quality builder for a Conversion or restoration project Milton

Refurbishing your home is a task which requires some lateral thinking. You may be used to using a room for one purpose, but times and circumstances change. It may be that your children have grown up and left home, and you would now like to convert a bedroom into office space. Alternatively, caring for an elderly relative may need that you need to create additional annex space, or refurbish existing space. Whatever your individual circumstances, you should contact Pristine who have the experience required to conduct any sort of refurbishment. You will find their service to be friendly, efficient, and they will enable you to see the possibilities for your home refurbishment.

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New Builds no problem – Our team at Pristine can show some amazing examples

Working with Pristine, we can help you to choose the optimum design for your new build, and advise on how to best negotiate the planning process. In order to complete a new building project on time you need to be working with a firm with excellent project planning skills. Pristine will give you an accurate time line for your project. Additionally, you need a firm where all services are provided in-house, and Pristine are a firm which will not require you to search extensively for other services. All of our craftsmen are directly contracted to us which will save you time and money.

Need some working undertaking on your home? Pristine your local builder

As local builders, Pristine are able to provide services that other building firms can not. Pristine know the local conditions in the area in terms of types of housing, building materials, and soil type, which are invaluable in meeting your expectations. Pristine\'s employees and craftsmen are familiar with particular needs in the local area, in terms of the types of work which are frequently commissioned, and quirks of local geography, which only those familiar with an area would appreciate. Finally, Pristine\'s local touch and reputation means that you will always receive the personal touch in your dealings with our company. We know, and understand, the needs of local customers.

Converting your garage makes sense – Contact Pristine Milton for a FREE quote

When converting a garage there are a number of important considerations. Firstly, you need to consider planning permission. This can be a very complicated procedure which requires experience in building, legal and design services. Secondly, there are considerations in terms of the foundations of the building, and the materials employed. These are difficult structural considerations and they require systematic planning if the building is to be sound. Thirdly, you need to look at the overall design and how well it fits with the layout, and appearance, of the house. For all of these reasons, and many more, you need to consult a firm such as Pristine when planning your conversion.

Add a sunroom for that all year room – Pristine for Sunrooms and Large glass extensions

Pristine can build the perfect sunroom to meet your expectations. The first decision to make when ordering a Pristine sunroom is the size of the room, and its match with the existing property. We can build a sunrooms to a variety of specifications. Given planning permission, we can add a sunroom as an extension to an existing room, or as a room in itself. Frequently, people use sunrooms to extend a kitchen, or dining room, but that is not the only model you can choose from. The second decision is design. Pristine have a range of designs to balance features such as light, space and security. Finally, you need to decide the timescale for building. Pristine can advise you on various timescales to make sure that the sunroom is built on the date you require it.

Small building works

When considering a firm to conduct small works there are a number of important considerations. Firstly, you require a firm that will be able to complete the work within a limited and agreed timescale. By their nature, small works are minor projects which require completion in a short time frame. Pristine can agree with you a workable time scale for your small works, which will not inconvenience you, or your household. Secondly, quality and the appearance of the small work is important. Whether it is a minor wall, or alteration, Pristine will make sure that the appearance not just matches, but enhances, the appearance of your home.